How To Win Followers and Customers

Do you respond to comments on your Instagram posts?

Users become hesitant to follow accounts that don't interact with their followers. Instagram is a SOCIAL network! So be social and respond to comments: good or bad.

If you want an authentic Instagram community, you must acknowledge all comments. Responding makes your followers more likely to comment again in the future.

So how do you respond to IG comments?


The best kind of comments! If a person spent time writing you a compliment, thank them for it. This is important in building a business people can trust! Potential customers will see that you care about your current customers/followers.


Sometimes your business can become a target of hateful speech, spam, or unsatisfied customers. If a person uses negative speech, simply flag that comment or review and be done with it. Don’t engage with these types of people. If the review is from a real person, respond with integrity and tact. Take time to get to the bottom of it and make it right. Best piece of advice? Take the resolution offline. Post a short response so that others can see you are taking care of your customers, then reach out privately to handle the matter.

Don't be aggressive or rude. This can hurt your reputation as a business. Resist the urge and remember you are representing your business.


Someone took the time to ask you a question. Respond to it! If you decide to contact them privately, publish a public comment letting them know to look for your DM.

Even if your posts get millions of likes and thousands of mentions, monitor them and respond to the most pressing ones. It will show that you read and care about what your followers have to say.

Hope this helps!

Much love,

x Sam

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