It's Not What You Think

What do people really want to see on social media? Flashy cars, fancy houses, nice clothes? Probably. What if you don’t have these material things? Should you fake it? The answer is no!

Be true to yourself and share what interests you, most likely that's what other people are interested in as well. Everybody gives advice that is predicated on themselves.

Your biggest strength is that you are an individual. The good thing about everyone being unique is that was all have different perspectives and interests in things. Everyone receives information in a different way.

Everything is scary until you do it. Taking a video of yourself sharing your truth and your story is scary…until you do it.

People live in fear of the unknown. We are afraid of trying something new or different in fear of the bad outcomes we create in our minds. The reality is that not only will those "worst-case scenarios" not actually happen, but you could end up enjoying the risk you took. Almost everything plays out scarier in our heads than they do in real life. Take the risk and stop fearing the hypothetical outcomes.

Do you. Don’t waver from that. Your dreams will happen because of you or in spite of you. They don't happen because of other people. Make the decision to be bold in who you are. You have to be yourself because how else are the people who are looking for you going to find you? Who you are - is good enough!

Much love,

x Sam

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