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Social Media Strategy Master Plan

Do you want to create a fool-proof strategy for social media? You've come to the right place!

A social media strategy is a plan for your social media goals, what content to post and when, how to position your brand for your ideal customers, and tracking your goal performance.

Social Media is a different beast.

Social media is also a powerful tool for your business.

6 Steps to a Fool-Proof Social Media Strategy

1. Define Your Goals

To have a successful social media strategy, you have to define your goals. Defining your goals is the first-step to reaching them. Without goals, you have no way to measure your success and ROI (return on investment.)

Choose goals that align with your strategy. Is your goal 500 new customers in the next 3 months, to increase engagement, drive traffic to your website, build a community, have better customer support...?

This can be a bit overwhelming. When in doubt, keep it simple. Pick one or two goals and stick with them.

2. Understand Your Audience

Get to know your followers- age, location, interests, job titles, etc. Get to know them as real people who have real wants and needs.

Don't make assumptions! Social media analytics can provide a ton of valuable information about who your followers are.

3. Research the Competition

What are your competitors up to? Watch them. Not in a creepy way... Analyze posts they did well (and not so well.) Understand what their audience sees and finds value in their post.

Remember: The goal here is NOT to copycat or steal what they are doing. No two strategies are the same.

If you notice your competition is more dominant on a specific platform, you might want to focus your efforts on other platforms where your audience is underserved.

4. Create a Content Strategy

Say it with me! Content is_________? KING!

  • Create a calendar (3 months out) that aligns with product launches, holidays, goals you're trying to reach; include captions and time of day for each post.

  • Create pillars (funny, engaging, inspiring, promotional, educational, memes, short-form video, lead generation, sales driven, etc.)

  • Batch your content.

  • Include a strategy for last-minute content (trending news, new product, etc.)

  • Set your posting schedule.

  • Follow the 80-20 rule: 80% of your posts should inform, educate, or entertain; 20% can directly promote your brand.

  • OR the rule of thirds: one-third of your content promotes your business; one-third of your content shares ideas and stories of industry news from thought leaders in your industry; and one-third of your content is personal interactions with your audience.

Be committed and post regularly. You determine your "regular." Once a day, every other day, 3 days a week - just stick with it.

5. Analyze & Measure Data

How is your strategy working? Look at your performance metrics.

Don't assume you'll get it right on the first try. Social media is a matter of trial-and-error. You may find some strategies don't work as well as you anticipated and some may exceed your expectations.

6. Finalize Your Strategy

***Spoiler Alert*** Nothing is final.

Social media will kick you in the face if you think you've got it all figured out. The algorithm will change. New networks will emerge. Other networks will go through demographic shifts. Review and adjust as needed.

Don't be afraid to change the course.

Analyze & pivot OR continue with the strategy.

Now, go kick some social media booty!

Or..... if you are still completely befuddled, check out our Social Media Guide! We will personalize a PDF tailored specifically for your biz that includes:

- 3 months of personalized content for your biz

- 3 months of story ideas/prompts

- 3 customizable post templates per platform (editable in Canva)

- Hashtag strategy

- Inspiration, ideas, & trending content

Much Love,

x Sam

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