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Why I Left Teaching After 7 Years

I grew up knowing that I was going to be a teacher one day. I love kids, I love the art of teaching, and I love all the artsy, fun things teachers do. I graduated with a degree where I could teach any grade I wanted, and I was on top of the world. This is what I wanted. This was my passion. This was my dream! Or so I thought…

Teachers are thrown in the deep end from day 1. I realized it was not what I thought it was going to be and college did not prepare me for the “real-world” of teaching. I knew the why and the what, but I didn’t know how to wear the many hats that teachers wear every day….therapist, nurse, event coordinator, cheerleader, comedian, detective, mediator, mentor, counselor, referee…

To be honest, as the years went on, it seems as though the board of education would pile more and more on teachers every year. Teaching was no longer just about teaching kids how to read and write or teaching them to thrive in their environment. It turned in to paperwork. Oh, the paperwork. Evidence, charts, reflections…oh my!

Teachers are held under a microscope and that is not how I wanted to feel every day. Even in the last few years where I had great administration and wonderful co-workers, I cried more than I smiled.

I finally decided to be brave, step out in faith, and do something that made me happy! I turned in my resignation and started my business. I now get to wake up every day doing what I love, living my dream, and not being crushed by day-to-day tasks that were given with unrealistic expectations.

If I can start a successful Social Media Marketing Agency during a global pandemic, so can you! Find your passion. Claim your dream. Don’t stay in a role that makes you unhappy. There are always other options! Since I went for it, I'm the happiest I have been in years.

If you’re reading this and it resonates with you, you are not alone! Feel free to reach out to me because I can relate to what you are feeling.

I can’t say these past few months have been easy, but they have been so worth it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Much love

x Sam

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